The rehabilitation of veterans with epilepsy

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Black, Horace O.
Entwisle, Frank N.

The objective of this investigation is to make a comparative study of the veterans with grand mal epilepsy who have successfully completed a training objective, and the veterans with grand mal epilepsy who have failed to complete the training program which they were pursuing. The intent of the research is to determine whether or not there are any significant differences between the two groups in the following areas: (1) severity of the disability and hospitalization; (2) education and training; (3) employment record; (4) marital status; and (5) family and social background.

Table of Content
List of tables -- Introduction -- Review of the literature -- Proceedure of the investigation -- Analysis of the data -- Summary and conclusions -- Bibliography
Thesis (M.A.)-- University of Wichita, College of Education, Dept. of Education