Synopsis of the genera of Geniatini (Coleoptera: Scarabaeidae: Rutelinae) with an annotated catalog of species

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Jameson, Mary Liz
Hawkins, Shauna Joy

We provide an overview and synopsis of the 13 genera of Geniatini (Coleoptera: Scarabaeidae: Rutelinae) including keys to genera (Spanish and English), catalog, representative habitus illustrations for all genera, character illustrations, and distribution maps for each genus. We summarize the natural history, pest status, and distributional data for each genus. Diagnostic characters are provided for each genus, and generic-level relationships are discussed. We provide an annotated catalog of all taxa in the tribe with distributional data for each species. The following taxonomic changes are made: Bolax costipennis Machatschke, 1974 is a homonym and new junior synonym of B. costipennis Ohaus, 1928; Geniates panamaensis Frey, 1976 is transferred to the genus Lobogeniates (=Lobogeniates panamaensis (Frey)); Geniates lindemannae Frey, 1976 is transferred to Geniatosoma Costa Lima (=Geniatosoma lindemannae (Frey)); Geniatosoma fernandezi Martínez, 1977 is a new junior synonym of Geniatosoma lindemannae Frey; and Trizogeniates caseyi Villatoro, 2002, which was created as a replacement name for a junior homonym, is an unavailable name

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