SVSS: An intelligent video surveillance system for aircraft

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Thanthry, Nagaraja
Emmuadi, Indira P.
Srikumar, Aravind
Namuduri, Kameswara
Pendse, Ravi

Thanthry, N.; Emmadi, I.P.; Srikumar, A.; Namuduri, K.; Pendse, R.; , "SVSS: an intelligent video surveillance system for aircraft," Digital Avionics Systems Conference, 2007. DASC '07. IEEE/AIAA 26th , vol., no., pp.4.E.3-1-4.E.3-9, 21-25 Oct. 2007 doi: 10.1109/DASC.2007.4391921


Safety and security are the most discussed topics in the aviation field. Latest security initiatives in the field of aviation propose the aircraft carriers to implement video surveillance within the aircraft at strategic locations. The current proposals allow the video surveillance data to be stored within the aircraft and monitored by one of the flight crew. The monitoring crew will be responsible for identifying the anomaly within the aircraft and take necessary preventive actions. With the introduction of additional technology within the aircraft, mere human perception may not be sufficient to make a decision. In this research work, the authors explore the possibility of implementing a smart video surveillance system (SVSS) within the aircraft that is tuned towards detecting the behavioral anomaly within the aircraft. The SVSS will generate security triggers when it detects an anomaly within the aircraft. These triggers could be combined with other triggers generated by different aircraft components (possible alarms from the flight crew, data traffic anomaly, or alarm generated by one of the avionics component) to provide a better understanding of the situation to the monitoring crew

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