Journal of Multivariate Experimental Personality and Clinical Psychology, v.3, no.2 (complete version)

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Journal of Multivariate Experimental Personality and Clinical Psychology. v.3, no.2. Ed. Charles Burdsal. Wichita, Kansas: Wichita State University, Dept. of Psychology, 1977

Table of Content
A multivariate analysis of male athlete personality characteristics: Sport type and success / K.T. Schurr, M.A. Ashley, and K.L Joy -- Factorial validity by tautology: Methodological comments on Stewart and Stewart / Neil J. Dorans -- A discriminant analysis of perceptions of women in a tenured business role / A. Rappaport and D.W. Hackett -- Chronic welfare dependency: A multivariate analysis of personality factors / M.E. MacLean -- The practicality of an orthogonal confactor rotation for the approximate resolution of oblique factors / Raymond B. Cattell and Jerry Brennan
The second issue of the Journal of Multivariate Experimental Personality and Clinical Psychology edited by Charles Burdsal. Consulting editors: A.R. Baggaley, J.W. Bardo, C.J. Barrett, Keith Barton, J.A. Belt, Brian Bolton, C.R. Bolz, B.J. Brim, J.A. Chaney, Dennis Child, Richard Coan, Jacob Cohen, G.E. DeYoung, T.E. Dielman, I.M. Evans, R.L. Gorsuch, M.C. Gottleib, A.R. Hakstian, T.W. Klein, M.J. Klingsporn, James Laughlin, G.F. Lawlis, W.L. Morrison, J.R. Nesselroade, R.B. Porter, J.O. Powell, I.G. Sarason, K.W. Schaie, L.R. Schmidt, M.M. Tatsuoka
Digitized and published in SOAR:Shocker Open Access Repository by Wichita State University Libraries Technical Services.