Higher-order factor structure of Cattell's MAT and 8SQ

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Boyle, Gregory J.

Boyle, Gregory J. (1983). Higher-Order Factor Structure of Cattell's MAT and 8SQ. Multivariate Experimental Clinical Research, 6(3), 119-127.


Previous research has failed to delineate adequately the higher-order factor structure of the Eight State Questionnaire (8SQ), and of the Motivation Analysis Test (MAT). Kline (1979, p.185) concluded that, "... there is considerable need for further investigaion... utilizing factorial procedures in accord with the technical demands which are listed... so that one can have confidence in the attainment of simple structure and the consequent psychological import of the results." In response to Kline's suggestion, the present study indicated two third-order 8SQ factors, and nine second-order MAT factors, on an Australian sample of 258 college students. Use of Cattell's Rotoplot program was shown to be a valid and useful analytic procedure. Findings are discussed and tentative labels are assigned to each higher-order factor.

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