Patterns of relationship between the 16PF and Zuckerman's Sensation Seeking Scale

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Birenbaum, Menucha
Montag, Itzhak

Birenbaum, M., Montag, I. (1986). Patterns of Relationship Between the 16PF and Zuckerman's Sensation Seeking Scale. Multivariate Experimental Clinical Research, 8(1), 165-173.


The relationship between personality and sensation-seeking factors was investigated in a large sample of applicants for jobs where sensation seeking was of special relevance. Four distinct patterns of relationship between the two domains were found. The first reflected an association between the Thrill and Adventure Seeking (TAS) component of the Sensation Seeking Scale (SSS) and a personality profile of emotional adjustment, independence and inconventionality. The second pattern related the Experience Seeking (ES) component of SSS with a personality profile of sensitivity, nonconformity and low superego. The third pattern comprised the Boredom Susceptibility (BS) component of the SSS and personality traits that represent a tense person who constantly seeks changes. The fourth pattern reflected the relationships between the Disinhibition (Dis) component of the SSS and certain aspects of extraversion, especially those of impulsivity and group dependence. The findings were discussed in light of Zuckerman's theoretical framework concerning the nature of the sensation-seeking construct and its components.

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