Foreign object debris collection device

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Thomas, Brandon
VanPelt, Alexander
Weddle, Jennifer
Balandran, Gregorio

Thomas, B., VanPelt, A., Weddle, J., & Balandran, G., inventors; Wichita State University, assignee. Foreign object debris collection device. United States patent US 20220354329 A1. 2022, November 10.


The present disclosure provides a Foreign Object Debris (FOD) Collection Device that comprises a carriage, a hitch, a holding chamber, a powered sweeper, and a funneling component. The carriage moves along a surface. The hitch couples the carriage to an Automated Mobile Robot (AMR) such that the automated robot drives movement of the carriage along the surface. The holding chamber is supported on the carriage and comprises an opening through which debris are passable into the holding chamber. The powered sweeper comprises a movable brush supported on the carriage and is operatively connected to a power supply of the Automated Mobile Robot. The funneling component is located between the movable brush and the holding chamber and is moved by the powered sweeper along surface S such that the debris swept by the movable brush are guided by the funneling component into the opening of the holding chamber.

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WSU inventors: Brandon Thomas, NIAR; Alexander VanPelt, Dept. of Mechanical Engineering, College of Engineering
Application No: 17/734017 filed April 30, 2022. Patent No: US 20220354329 A1 granted November 10, 2022.