Mitigation of subsynchronous resonance in power grid integrated with PV power station

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Mittapally, Sravan Kumar
Pang, Chengzong
Renduchintala, Uday Kishan

S. K. Mittapally, C. Pang and U. K. Renduchintala, "Mitigation of Subsynchronous Resonance in power grid integrated with PV Power Station," 2018 International Conference on Power Energy, Environment and Intelligent Control (PEEIC), Greater Noida, India, 2018, pp. 507-511


This paper presents the alleviation of subsynchronous resonance (SSR) in the power system with large scale PV power station, in synchronous generator which is connected to series compensated transmission line. The rapid growth in utility connected PV farms has opened new possibilities, and due to its flexibility and dispatchability PV farms can handle the grid support functions more effectively, whereas its ability to mitigate the SSR is rarely investigated. In this study potential of PV farm to mitigate SSR is explored by augmenting the GSC control loop with damping controller using a control signal which is closely related to the network resonant mode, utility scale PV power stations are promising solutions to combat the increasing demand and grid functions. The simulation studies are performed in MATLAB/Simulink software using IEEE Second Benchmark Model (SBM) for SSR studies. PV farms provide more cost-effective solution compared to the FACTS devices of similar capacity for the assigned objective.

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