Rapid setting composite article

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Tomblin, John S.
Aldag, Thomas
McCarvill, William T.
Reuter, Kimberly Marie
White, Joel D.
Meyer, Andrea C.

Tomblin, John S.; Aldag, Thomas; McCarvill, William T.; Reuter, Kimberly Marie; White, Joel D.; Meyer, Andrea C., inventors. Wichita State University; Commercial Chemistries, LLC, assignees. Rapid setting composite article. United States patent U.S. 11,278,442. 2019, March 22.


A fiber-reinforced composite article useful in supporting or immobilizing an injured body part is disclosed. The composite is a multi-layer, flexible precursor including fiber reinforcement plies, which can be rapidly cured into a rigid body using a thermosetting resin. Methods of making and using the same are also disclosed, along with kits containing such composite articles.

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WSU inventors: John Tomblin, Thomas Aldag, Kimberly Reuter, Joel White, Andrea Meyer, National Institute for Aviation Research
Application No: 16/410,200 filed May 13, 2019. Patent No: U.S. 11,278,442 granted March 22, 2022