2019-10-28 Faculty Senate meeting


Faculty Senate. Agenda and minutes of the meeting of October 28, 2019. -- Faculty Senate Meetings, 2019-2020, v.33

Table of Content
Agenda: (Informal Statements and Proposals) -- (President's Report) -- (Committee Reports): Rules / Aleks Sternfeld-Dunn -- (Old Business): Faculty Workload / Betty Smith-Campbell -- General Education Revision / Jeff Jarman -- (New Business): Open/Alternative Textbook Initiative -- (Senate Deliberation): Faculty workload, general education, and open/alternative textbook initiative
Minutes: (Informal Statements and Proposals) -- (President's Report): Senate President Jarman -- (Committee Reports) -- (Old Business) -- (Faculty Workload): Betty Smith-Campbell -- Recommendation from faculty -- Workload ad hoc committees -- Workload draft updated proposal -- (General Education Revision): Jeff Jarman -- Recommendations from General Education Revision Committee -- SGA statement on Gen Ed Revision -- Gen Ed Revision Presentation
Attachments: 1. Original policy recommendation from Faculty Senate Workload Taskforce -- 2. General education proposed revision