2003-02-24 Faculty Senate meeting

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Faculty Senate

Faculty Senate. Agenda and minutes of the meeting of February 24, 2003. -- Faculty Senate Meetings, 2002-2003, v.16

Table of Content
Agenda: (Informal statements and proposals): A. Community Engagement - WSU-LINK / Philip Gaunt -- (President's report) -- (Committee reports): A. Planning & Budget Survey / Bob Ross -- (New business): A. Tenure & Promotion Cover Sheets - editorial changes submitted to the Senate for approval -- B. Proposals coming from the Executive Committee related to the General Education Program, Proposal 1 -- C. Discussion of Differential Tuition
Attachments: Distance Education: Proposals -- Cover Sheet for Departmental Promotion File for AY ___ -- Cover Sheet for Departmental Tenure File for AY ___ -- Memorandum: Board consideration of FY 2004 tuition rates / Reginald L. Robinson
Minutes: Summary of action: 1. A motion was approved to refer the question of the disparity in the number of class days in the fall and spring academic calendars "to the appropriate committee" -- 2. The changes in the tenure and promotion cover sheets, as proposed in the agenda, were approved -- 3. The proposal in the agenda relative to departmental reviews of course equivalencies were approved following the defeat of a motion that would have referred the matter to the Academic Affairs Committee -- 4. A motion was approved to refer the matter of differential tuition "to the appropriate committee." Thereafter, a resolution was approved stating the sense of the Senate that fees may be assessed, as needed, by courses and programs in appropriate cases as determined by the University president -- (Informal statements and proposals): 1. AAUP position on the USA PATRIOT Act may be obtained on the AAUP's Web site. http://www.aaup.org/ / Senator Hershfield -- 2. No discussion yet regarding disparity in number of class days in fall and spring academic calendars / Senator Behrman -- 3. Question regarding fall break / Senator Rokosz -- (President's report): Appointed three subcommittees within the Planning and Budget Committee to address tuition matters -- 2. University of Kansas' program to increase tuition and faculty positions in the next five years -- 3. List of ten "targeted programs" being considered as part of program review -- 4. Interest in "certificate" programs at the Regents level -- (Committee reports): A. Planning & Budget: Handed our request for senators to obtain feedback about potential tuition increases -- (New business): A. Tenure & Promotion Cover Sheets -- B. Proposal from the Senate Executive Committee related to the General Education Program -- C. Differential Tuition