The Sunflower, v.73, no.57 (July 23, 1969)

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The Sunflower, v.73 no.57. Wichita, Kansas, July 23, 1969. - 8 pages.
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Article(s): Apollo moon ship heads home; Splashdown set for Thursday -- Unrest research to be conducted -- City fathers OK drinking in Century II -- U S. chemical warfare weapons to be withdrawn from Okinawa -- Tuition may increase at WSU in 1970-71 -- Docking accused of illicit reward practices by republican official -- Best tactic for avoiding woes is ability to say 'no' / Hal Boyle -- Second moon shot landing in planning stage -- President's lecture reset for Monday -- Mathis appointed new WSU music education prof -- Big deal -- Movie review: Fathers daughter is a virgin / Ruth Durch -- Sunflower review: El Gallo has 'fake rape' racket / Paulette Edmiston -- 'The Fantasticks' last summer play -- Soviets learn of Luna 15's unsuccessful moon mission -- Governor Docking congratulates 'Apollo 11' crew -- Welsbacher will head discussion on Rolf's book -- Momma plus nine baby quacks take up new residence at Corbin / Elaine Records -- Psychology grads publish journal -- New health program may become reality -- Forensics prof receives award -- All-Stars compete tonight following Tuesday rainout -- Kiser's Korner / Mike Kiser.
Photograph(s): Mooncast: Astronauts Neil Armstrong and Edwin [Buzz] Aldrin broadcast the first live pictures from the Moon Sunday. p. 2 -- Matt (Dave Lefler) and Louisia (Cynthia Lackey) are married. p. 5 -- Matt has a new perspective on life after seeing the world. p. 5 -- Louisia has a disturbing reaction after conversation with El Gallo. p. 5 -- Two coniving [sic] fathers (Larry Meis and Darwin Corrin) sing of their children. p. 5 -- Lovely twirlers: Over 500 band directors, twirlers and drum majors attended the 12th annual Marching Band Clinic Monday and Tuesday at WSU's Duerksen Fine Arts Center. p. 6 -- Little quacks: A mother mallard duck and her nine youngsters take advantage of the sunny weather for a swim in the Corbin fountain where they reside. p. 7 -- And your name again sir?: It's Tom Vanderhoofen, Shocker Sports Information Director kneeling in the 100-degree heat with Miss Kansas Margo Schroeder watching his efforts with the WSU 'Sod Squad.' The new stadium turf is expected to be ready withing a few weeks. p. 8
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v.73 no.57
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