Brown bag medication review: using AHRQ's brown bag medication tool

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Murtha, Eileen
Elder, Betty L.
Faragher, Mary E.

Murtha, Eileen; Elder, Betty L.; Faragher, Mary E. 2019. Brown bag medication review: using AHRQ's brown bag medication tool. Journal of Nursing Care Quality: March 18, 2019


Background: Medication nonadherence has been linked to health literacy and poor patient outcomes. The Health Literacy Universal Precautions Toolkit addresses both issues. Purpose: A brown bag medication review was implemented to identify medication nonadherence in a Midwestern clinic. Methods: Adult patients were instructed to bring all prescribed and over-the-counter medication to office visits. A reviewer transcribed administration directions and the patient's verbal instruction of how the medication is taken. Results: The study found 58% (n = 28) of 48 participants were nonadherent for at least 1 medication; 26% (n = 72) of all medications were nonadherent; and mental health drugs were the highest nonadherence category at 38% (n = 11). The majority of medication nonadherence was due to lack of access. Conclusions: This drug utilization review was found helpful in identification of causes for medication nonadherence, assisting prescribers, and improving patient education.

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