Proceedings of the 2009 International IEMS Conference, Cocoa Beach, Florida, March 9-11, 2009

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International Conference on Industry, Engineering, and Management Systems

Proceedings of the 2009 International IEMS Conference. Ed. Nabeel Yousef. Cocoa Beach, Florida U.S.A. March 9-11, 2009


This book features the proceedings of the 15th Annual International Conference on Industry, Engineering and Management Systems (IEMS'09) held March 9-11, 2009 in Cocoa Beach, Florida. Proceedings includes 51 papers presented at the conference.

Table of Content
Defining Core Competencies of an Organization: A Case Study on University Library System / Emre Alptekin, Amhet Kϋğcϋmen, Gϋlfem Alptekin -- Improving Service Quality in a Health Care Facility: A Case Study / R. Radharamanan, Angela P. Ansuj and Jeng-Nan Juang -- Indian River Lagoon Project / Gordon Arbogast, Sheila F. Emanuel and Colonel Paul Grosskruger -- Service Learning Supporting ITEST Initiatives in Rural North Carolina / David Batts and Lee Toderick -- Structuring Cooperative Advertising Arrangements: Any Analysis of Reporting Issues / LuAnn Bean and Angelika Isaacs -- Importance of Lean Manufacturing Techniques in Company Culture / Edwin R. Bellman and Karen L. Bellman -- Information Technology Challenges and the Supply Chain / John J. Burbridge, Jr., Coleman Rich, and Alexander Yap -- A Simulation Model for Enhancing Warehouse Operations in a Paper-Converting Company Using RFID Technology / Ricardo Camilo and S.K. Hargrove -- A Hybrid Approach Based on SVM and Genetic Algorithms (GA) for the Estimation of Early Component Design Stages Manufacturing Cost / N. El Asli, T.M. Dao, V. Songmene -- Orthotic Solutions for Diabetes Mellitus / Amelia C. Davis, Jessica Powell and Ha Van Vo -- Integration Definition for a Genetic Algorithm Group Technology Model / Khaled S. El-Kilany -- Statistical Analysis and Design of Experiments for an Intrabay AMHS Simulation Model Output Data / Ahmed El-Nashar and Khaled S. El-Kilany -- Collision Response Parameterization in Rigid Body Simulations / William Johnson and Khaled El-Sawi -- Verification of Contractor Quality Control (CQC) Program: An Analytical Study to Assess New Trends in Verification Procedures / Ahmed Khalafallah, Ahmad Elshennawy, Nabeel Yousef, Mohamed Abdel-Raheem -- E-Government for Developing Nation-States: Strategies for a Difficult Initiative / Stephen Freund, Adekunle Okunoye and Thilini Ariyachandra -- Project Charter Review Process Design - A Design for Six Sigma Case Study / Sandra Furterer -- Mobile Agent Paradigm: Is it the Solution? / Isaac K. Gang and Dia Ali -- Hands-on Education and Training Provided Online: A Compromise of Quality Education for the Sake of Convenience? / Carrie Craycraft and Sampson Gholston -- A Successful Application of Six-Sigma Methodology for Hotel Service Enhancement: The Case for a Convention Hotel / James P. Gilbert -- A Web Services Based Approach to Mobile Agent Migration and Security / Jean Gourd -- Flash Video Technology Assisted Teaching / Xaioli Huan -- A Lean Six Sigma Assessment Study of Maryland Manufacturer / Deborah Ihezie and S. Keith Hargrove -- A Mobile Agent Simulator / Jeremy Kackley, Paulus Wahjudi, and Dia Ali -- RFID Training in an Industrial Distribution and Logistics Program / Samir Khoury -- Simulating Inventory Tracking and Order Entry Functions in Distribution and Logistics Courses / Samir Khoury, Leslie R. Pagliari, and Mark Angolia -- ProcessingTM Language for Real-Time Image Analysis / Ron Krahe -- VK Conformable Bone Plate / Ha V. Vo and Jonathan B. Ksor -- Preparing Students for Industry: Finite Element Analysis / Alex Mabee, Michael Ferguson, Mark Rawls, and Alexandra Schönning -- The Relationship Between the Length of Adoption of Web Technology and Performance of a Commercial Printing Firm / Devang P. Mehta -- An Expert System from Designers of Multi-Core Processing, Cloud Processing, "SOA," or "C4G" Technology for Advice on Beginning Use of Technology / Robert L. Mullen -- An Intelligent Expert System from Google/Yahoo for those Developing Search Engines / Robert L. Mullen -- A Novel Method to Measure the Intermetatarsal Angle of Foot / Ha Van Vo, Jonathan Whitten, and R. Radharamanan -- Unmanned Underwater Vehicle Mission Planning and Mission Monitoring Prototype / Marvin Roe, Brain Boureois, Ashley Morris -- Google Earth: A Usability Study / Katherine Sachs, Chris Lambert and Yang Chen -- Automatic Sorting Station Utilizing Ladder Logic Programming / Rasoul Saneifard, Jose Guerrero, Kanayo Okafor, Clifford Oluoch -- Microsoft Windows Versus Macintosh: Learnability and Memorability Testing / Ashley Hall, Andrew Peralta and Anna Sargsyan -- Designing and Manufacturing of an Acoustic Panels Test Frame / Micheael Ferguson, Jesse Parkhurst, Alexandra Schönning, Simeon Ochi -- Enterprise Resource Planning the IT Curriculum Using Open-Source ERP / Mark Smith -- Angel Investors and Determinants of Informal Investing / David P. Price and Michael Stoica -- The Challenges of Delivering Quality Online Distance Education Courses: An Empirical Study / Harold Grice, Travis Turner, Nikolas Castro and Tiki L. Suarez-Brown -- Design and Development of a Computerized Drop Foot Treatment Device for Lower Extremity / Ha Van Vo, Jonathan Desa, and R. Radharamanan -- Entrepreneurship Engineering Education Program at MUSE / R. Radharamanan and Ha Van Vo -- Computing-with-Words Agents for Hypothesis Generation and Asessment / Paulus Wahjudi, Shahram Rahimi, Raheel Ahmad and Dia Ali -- An Optimized Multi-Byte High throughout Regular Expression Matching Architecture using FPGAs / Hong Wang -- Integrating Client/Server Computing Course to a Practical Engineering Technology Program / Hong Wang -- Lying Behavior: Part I / Kaylene C. Williams, Edward H. Hernandez, Al Petrosky and Robert Page -- Lying Behavior: Part II / Kaylene C. Williams, Edward H. Hernandez, Al Petrosky and Robert Page -- A Simulation Model to Manufacture Tail Rotor Blades: A Lean Six Sigma Approach / Natasha N. Williams and Keith Hargrove -- Tourism Operations Management: A Survey / Hatice Eris, Mesut Yavuz, Nilgun Figlali, and Alpaslan Figlali -- Production Smoothing with Fuzzy Demand / Mesut Yavuz -- A Manufactory of Echoes: A Marketing Mix Inventory of Online Higher-Education Issues / Al Petrosky, Kaylene Williams, Edward Hernandez and Robert Page
Digitized and published in SOAR: Shocker Open Access Repository by Wichita State University Libraries Technical Services, May 2022.
The IEMS'09 conference committee: California State University Stanislaus Department of Management, Operations, and Marketing Department (Sponsor); Nael Aly (Conference Co-Chair); Ahmad Elshennawy (Conference Co-Chair); Alfred Petrosky (Program Chair); Adel Ali (Program Coordinator); Nabeel Yousef (Publications Editor)
Includes author index.