Mobile device espionage

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Carstens, Deborah
Mahlman, John
Miller, Jeffrey
Shaffer, Matthew

Carstens, Deborah,PhD., P.M.P., Mahlman, J.,M.S., Miller, J., PhD., & Shaffer, M., PhD. (2019). Mobile device espionage. Journal of Management & Engineering Integration, 12(2), 86-94.


Malware and hacking activities are growing among today's most popular mobile devices. These security risks are prompting companies, federal facilities, and other institutions to enact policies aimed at mitigating the amount of espionage and illegal events that can transpire on a cell phone or other mobile device. With all of the new devices and applications, publicly available, new security-related vulnerabilities continue to arise. These devices and applications are targets for attacks from malicious outside sources. Each day provides a new potential threat aimed at taking advantage of some security exploit in cell phones and mobile devices. Security analysts and experts are at a disadvantage in this war against threats because they are fighting a war without clear rules. The focus of this literature review is on cell phone and electronic device vulnerabilities, espionage in the workplace, and security solutions. This will provide an understanding of risks, threats and solutions that exist in the modern era of cell phones and mobile devices.

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Published in SOAR: Shocker Open Access Repository by Wichita State University Libraries Technical Services, November 2022.