Wichita State Research News, April 2020


Wichita State Research News. Wichita State University. Office of the President, April 2020.

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Welcome to the inaugural edition of the Wichita State University Research Newsletter / Coleen Pugh -- Wichita State chemist working to develop antiviral drugs in fight against COVID-19 -- Wichita State University launches biomedical engineering Ph.D. program -- Political Science professor seeks understanding of gerrymandering through research -- Wichita State researchers expand on understanding of hormones in reproductive physiology -- Wichita State chemistry professor researching IMS technology to provide to labs across the country -- Undergrad and graduate student days at the capital allowed students to showcase their research -- Wichita State political science majors help with research on ranked-choice voting -- Convergence Initiative emerges as way to fund research clusters at Wichita State University -- Wichita State licenses wind turbine protection tech -- Professors, students recognized for innovative research