Preventing slip and fall accidents

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Asmatulu, Eylem
Plummer, F.
Miller, G.

Asmatulu, E., Plummer, F., & Miller, G. (2014). Preventing Slip and Fall Accidents at WSU. Wichita State University.


Safety and Environmental considerations are important part of our daily lives, not only for our individual protection, but for the protection of others and the environment as well. In order to maintain a high level of knowledge and responsiveness, each employee and faculty member is issued a copy of this manual. This safety manual is the guiding document of the University Safety Program. Each employee, student and faculty member is responsible for following/obeying to the rules included herein. Student workers are especially subject to accidents and environmental mistakes, and must be trained and guided by knowledgeable faculty and staff. Questions about the content of the manual should be directed to your supervisor or Environmental Health and Safety representatives. This informational booklet is proposed to provide a general overview of a particular safety related topic. This publication does not itself alter compliance responsibilities, which are set forth in OSHA standards themselves, Department of Environmental Health and Safety at Wichita State University.

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