Low-temperature heat capacities of Ni3Al

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Ho, J. C.
Liang, Royce C.
Dandekar, D. P.

Ho, James C.; Liang, Royce C.; Dandekar, D. P.; , "Low-temperature heat capacities of Ni3Al," Journal of Applied Physics , vol.59, no.4, pp.1397-1398, Feb 1986 doi: 10.1063/1.336488


Heat capacities of two single-crystal Ni3Al samples have been measured between 2 and 14 K. The data can be well fitted to the sum of a lattice and an electronic term, without a magnetic cluster contribution as previously reported by de Dood and de Chatel. The resulting Debye temperature values are comparable to those derived from elastic constant measurements, but the calorimetrically determined density of states at the Fermi level differs appreciably from that based on band-structure calculations.

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