A Space Settler's Bill of Rights

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Greenall-Sharp, Russell
Kobza, David
Houston, Courtney
Allabbad, Mohammad
Staggs, Jamie
Schwartz, James S.J.

Greenall-Sharp, R., Kobza, D., Houston, C., Allabbad, M., Staggs, J. and Schwartz, J.S. (2021). A Space Settler's Bill of Rights. In Astrobiology (eds O.A.C. Torres, T. Peters, J. Seckbach and R. Gordon). https://doi.org/10.1002/9781119711186.ch18


We propose a Bill of Rights for space settlers, which includes rights associated with basic physiological needs; physical and psychological well-being; freedom of expression; privacy; reproductive autonomy; vocational and educational liberty; communication; constrained dissent; and self-governance. This document aims to inform future discussions about the construction and governance of space societies. While not intended to provide an exhaustive list of space settlers' rights; nor to outline a well-defined legal framework for space settlement, nevertheless it comprises an attempt to describe a set of values to which any space settlement should aspire to exemplify.

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