The Sunflower, v.66, no.12 (October 24, 1961)

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The Sunflower: Official student newspaper, v.66, no.12, Wichita, Kansas, October 24, 1961. - 12 pages
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Article(s): Communism combators [sic] to meet here: Experts will present 'knowledge and facts' -- 'Skin of our Teeth' to open for 3 night run in commons -- Picket lines formed by local group -- Construction on new dorm 'taking shape' -- Reuss speaks tomorrow on 'free world' -- SG get tough plan expected from prexy -- Fans urged to pick up tickets early -- Library, sociology interviews offered -- Editorial views: An energetic diversion -- The readers speak: Says church movie code misinterpreted / Ray M. Johnson -- Mikrokosmos needs works -- Sanity of stones / Ron Smith -- 'Better half than nothing' Congressman tells students -- 16th annual Editor's Day attracts over 150 Kansas newsmen Saturday -- 18 Kappa Phi pledges listed -- Teacher interviews scheduled Nov. 9 -- Greeks introduce new indoor, outdoor sport -- Cowboy carnival funds to aid foreign students -- Joint unification of Italy, Ks. Centennial celebration includes visit to WU campus.
Photographs: Congressman Reuss. p. 1 -- NAACP vs discrimination: Members of the University chapter of the NAACP are shown above as they picket the Peter Pan Ice Cream Store, 2147 E. 21, Friday night. Shown above are University NAACP members, David Berkowitz, extreme left, Charles Spears, third from left, and Beth Hogan, second from left. / photo by Tom Doan. p. 1 -- New dorm mothers for the women of Grace Wilkie Hall are Leora Earle, left, and Lucille Walton. p. 3 -- Varsity royalty Dave Peisner, Beta Theta Pi, left and Mary Duerksen, Delta Gamma, right reigned over the dance held in their honor Saturday night. p. 4
Articles in Collegiate Digest October 1961: Commencement is now / Blackshear Morrison Bryan -- Crash Curriculum: College can be rugged but the students in the Peace Corps really have to drive -- Getting around to it: The El Monte campus of Foothill College, Los Altos, California -- Are you in a blue Funk & Wagnalls? / F.A.B. -- Making book / Diane Steele -- Off the record / Lawrence Benz
Photographs in Collegiate Digest October 1961: At the University of Minnesota, Sandy Staudt '62 shows a leaning for the classics not only by her columnar inclination but also by what she wears-crew-necked pullover of brushed mohair and lamb's wool, rust-colored suede shorts. p. 1 -- At the University of Wisconsin Ann Paulsen '62, of Norway, wears an off-white sweater, big and cable-y in imported mohair. p. 1 -- At Mary Washington Nancy Booth '64 kneescapes in grey flannel skirt, tops it with a shawl-collared cardigan in ivy-blue wool. p. 1 -- Molto expression con amore at Manhattan's Peacock Cafe. p. 1 -- Sic transit Gloria, and her escort is on his way in a fleece-lined, burnished gold canvas coat, very informal and masculine. p. 1 -- [illegible] Bryan : All-American football player '22, West Point; football coach and later Superintendent, West Point; Commanding General 24th Infantry Division, and 1st Corps, Korea; Distinguished Service Medal with Two Oak Clusters; other achievements and decorations too numerous to list. p. 1 -- Six uncaptioned photos of individuals undergoing medical examinations, language study, and exercising. p. 2 -- Three uncaptioned photos. The first two show students studying and socializing out doors on campus and the third picture is an aerial view of campus. p. 3 -- Crazy hats are part of doing the Ft. Lauderdale bit. p. 5 -- Tubing, a Florida student vanilla float, involves girls, beer, a serpentine river, and an inner tube. p. 5 -- Genoa Jib, in Portugal, is a university student downhill race. p. 5 -- Illegible caption on photograph of a student limboing in front of a crowd while a woman in a bathing suit holds the limbo pole. p. 5 -- Intercollegiate rodeo proves that a hand-stand in mid-air is perfectly simple with the cooperation of the right bull. p. 6 -- [illegible] education, at Hood College, utilizes dormitory facade as a mountain headwall. p. 6 -- Caps the climax at UCLA. p. 6 -- Miss New Jersey (collective noun). p. 6
"The Newest Sport On Campus See Page Four"
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The Sunflower
v.66 no.12
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