Teaching trends in data, technology, and society - finding a new balance

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Stryker, Jay
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Conference paper
First-year seminar , Trends in data , Deep fakes , Cambridge Analytica
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Stryker, J. (2022). Teaching trends in data, technology, and society - finding a new balance. Proceedings of the 2022 IEMS Conference, 28, 43-45. https://doi.org/10.62704/10057/24943

In the Fall of 2020, a First-Year Seminar that discussed various trends in the applications of data and technology to society was taught at Stetson University for the first time. It covered exciting trends in data analytics in identity theft, marketing, fraud detection, and accounting. Data visualization of large data sets was explored. The course also covered aspects of ethics related to data privacy and data governance, especially social media and medical records. Companies such as Cambridge Analytica and their ability to use personal data to target specific ads at small groups of individuals and the ensuing impact on voters were investigated. Machine learning and its potential to automate processes previously only able to be performed by humans and its potential to disrupt various job markets were considered. The implications of data usage in generative adversarial networks and the application to "deep fakes" were also explored. This class was also taught in a modified form in the Fall of 2021. This paper will briefly discuss some of the topics covered in those classes. Additionally, the ongoing process of developing the course, along with lessons learned related to student engagement, an "overcorrection" between the first and second time teaching the classes, along with a plan to attempt a "flipped classroom" structure next fall to improve student engagement will be discussed.

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Published in SOAR: Shocker Open Access Repository by Wichita State University Libraries Technical Services, November 2022. 2022 IEMS Officers: Gamal Weheba (Conference Chair); Hesham Mahgoub (Program Chair); Dalia Mahgoub (Technical Director); Ed Sawan (Publications Editor)
Industry, Engineering & Conference Management Systems Conference
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Proceedings of the 2022 IEMS Conference
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2690-3210 (print)
2690-3229 (online)