Journal of Multivariate Experimental Personality and Clinical Psychology, v.3, no.3 (complete version)

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Journal of Multivariate Experimental Personality and Clinical Psychology. v.3, no.3. Ed. Charles Burdsal. Wichita, Kansas: Wichita State University, Dept. of Psychology, 1977

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Psychological factors and blood chemistries as disease outcome predictors for cancer patients / Jeanne Achterberg, G. Frank Lawlis, O. Carl Simonton, and Stephanie Matthews-Simonton -- The application of individual differences multidimensional scaling techniques to the study of interpersonal attraction / R.B. Bryson -- Relations between diagnostic-demographic variables and thought-disorder symptomatology among process schizophrenics / Richard W.J. Neufeld and Mary I. Broga -- Topological classification in early childhood / Allan L. Edelson and Karen Sanders Huie -- A multivariate approach to profiling alcoholic typologies / William H. Replogle and Joseph F. Hair, Jr.
The third issue of the Journal of Multivariate Experimental Personality and Clinical Psychology edited by Charles Burdsal. Consulting editors: A.R. Baggaley, J.W. Bardo, C.J. Barrett, Keith Barton, J.A. Belt, Brian Bolton, C.R. Bolz, B.J. Brim, J.A. Chaney, Dennis Child, Richard Coan, Jacob Cohen, G.E. DeYoung, T.E. Dielman, I.M. Evans, R.L. Gorsuch, M.C. Gottleib, A.R. Hakstian, T.W. Klein, M.J. Klingsporn, James Laughlin, G.F. Lawlis, W.L. Morrison, J.R. Nesselroade, R.B. Porter, J.O. Powell, I.G. Sarason, K.W. Schaie, L.R. Schmidt, M.M. Tatsuoka
Digitized and published in SOAR:Shocker Open Access Repository by Wichita State University Libraries Technical Services.