The Sunflower, v.49, no.15 (January 13, 1944)

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The Sunflower: Official student newspaper, v.49, no.15, Wichita, Kansas, January 13, 1944. - 4 pages

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Article(s): State given oil samples -- Campus bond sales continue -- Myers to address class taxation -- Registrar to give grades January 31 -- H.Y.M. ticket contest opens -- Hillbrand to speak for a Topeka club -- Rydjord-Wilgus are writing encyclopedia -- Speech is cancelled -- Greeks, I.S.A. elect officers -- Used books needed now by bookstore -- Allman to take different job -- Coeds needed to aid nurses -- Candidates are named -- Ingalls speech finals Friday -- Fifteen qualify for mid-year graduation -- Jardine to attend Cincinnati meeting -- The night before finals -- How not to hold election -- Pity the escaping Nazis -- Grads are in the news -- Typed on a Wednesday / Joan O'Bryant -- Kappa Rho has dance -- Rushing rules being changed -- Roundabout the campus -- Off the ramp / Jack M. Slone
Photograph(s): Organization presidents: Second-semester presidents of the various organized groups on the campus are, from left to right: Jean Kimel, Sorosis; Charles Jackman, Rectangle; Wanda Anderson, Delta Omega; Delores Larsen, Epsilon Kappa Rho; Adreen Burkett, Pi Kappa Psi; and Bob Skillman, I.S.A. Helen Robertson, Alpha Tau Sigma is not pictured. p. 1 -- [Joan] O'Bryant. p. 2