The Sunflower, v.72, no.59 (July 30, 1968)

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The Sunflower, v.72 no.59. Wichita, Kansas, July 30, 1968. - 8 pages

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Article(s): Campus riots topic at Ayn Rand meet / Bob Jordan -- Democratic senatorial candidate urges reform of draft system / Mike Kiser -- Girl brings 'Hope’ to race relations -- Industrial education instructs students in basics of building / Vicki McKissick -- Students respond to N.Y. governor -- Nickel named Ass’t. Dean of Education -- Head start on life promising for ghetto offspring 'Little Tony’ / Bob Jordan -- Open conventions? -- Magazine report gives Soviet view of ’Abominabie Snowmen’ / Jim Reece -- St. Alban's members build new sanctuary -- Theatre review: Spell bewitches audiences / Jan Dulaney -- Miniskirts not passe; Stir African feelings -- Black Arts Festival set for opening -- Kiser's Korner / Mike Kiser -- Olympic flame to burn brightly, but Burton’s hopes not shining / Mike Kiser -- Shockers’ Wilson at testing site of Olympic team
Photograph(s): Objectivism the key?: John Weske (Ieft) and Paul Siegler co-chairmen of the Wichita chapter of the Ayn Rand Society, led Monday night's discussion "Campus or Battleground?" p. 1 -- Woman woodworker: Mrs. Kay Olum, the only female in WSU's Woodworking III class in the department of industrial education works on scale model house. p. 2 -- A helping hand: Pre-school volunteer worker shows child the meaning of the word "friend." p. 3 -- Rocky appeals to young on Wichita visit / photos by Paul Chauncey. p. 5 -- Fred Burton. p. 8
"Final Summer Issue"