2010-12-13 Faculty Senate meeting

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Faculty Senate

Faculty Senate. Agenda and minutes of the meeting of December 13, 2010. -- Faculty Senate Meetings, 2010-2011, v.24

Table of Content
Agenda: (President's report): KBOR transfer and articulation task force -- Update on General Education -- Update on retention initiatives -- (As may arise)
Minutes: (President's report): A. Revisions to the procedures for Tenure and Procedures recommended by the Senate had been approved by President Beggs and incorporated into Policies and Procedures -- B. Progress updates of a policy passed by the Senate in 2009 on the Resolution of Internal Disputes, P & P 5.06 -- C. Academic Affairs Committee reviewing the proposal to create a degree in Engineering Technology and hoped to conclude their review in January 2011 -- D. Library Committee was in the process of reviewing the proposed Shocker Open Access Repository (SOAR) -- E. Activities of the Planning and Budget Committee in revising the Program Review process -- F. Summarized the activities of the Ad Hoc General Education Committee during the Fall 2010 term -- G. Summarized the activities of the standing General Education Committee during the Fall 2010 term -- H. Kansas Board of Regents Task Force on Transfer and Articulation is considering a transfer and articulation model that has been developed in Ohio -- I. Efforts around campus aimed at Increasing student retention -- (As may arise): A. Issues regarding contract purchases / Senator Caruthers