Team decision skills development with MBTI © step II

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Nazaran, Parisa
Malzahn, Don E.
Whitman, Lawrence E.
Saatchi, Bahareh

Nazaran, Parisa; Malzahn, Don; Whitman, Lawrence E.; Saatchi, Bahareh. 2012. Team decision skills development with MBTI © step II. Proceedings of the American Society for Engineering Education Conference, At San Antonio, TX USA. 06/2012


As part of an Engineer as Leader course, students learn to dynamically take leadership in problem solving teams when their unique skills, abilities, or knowledge can contribute to the shared objectives. Part of this development makes use of Myers-Briggs Type Indicator ® Step II. This assessment provides scores on 40 facets of the eight Myers-Briggs Types. An objective of the course is to help students develop a richer vocabulary for thinking about themselves and others. An individual's clearest facets are used in the course by each student as part of their weekly reflections on assigned readings. A visual display of the team's integrated vocabulary is used as a guide in team decision making. A standard transition from Sensing to iNtuitive to Thinking to Feeling then back to Sensing is used as students learn to transition between decision making stages and individual team members' facets. The paper will present the process through which each student's vocabulary is developed and reinforced and the tools that support transitions and compensate for missing facets in the team decision process are described.

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