Journal of Multivariate Experimental Personality and Clinical Psychology, v.10 no.2 (complete version)

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Journal of Multivariate Experimental Personality and Clinical Psychology. v.10, no.2. Ed. Charles Burdsal. Wichita, Kansas: Wichita State University, Dept. of Psychology, 1993

Table of Content
A preliminary comparison of selected PRF and DPQ scales / Sandra Loucks and Scott Glass -- Retest reliability of 16 PF-E / Brian Bolton -- Positive assortment on personality in older couples / Mary E. Delaney and John R. Nesselroade -- Discriminating between rejectors, premature terminators, short-term successes, and long-term continuers using 16 PF scores / Katharine B. Williams and Fred H. Wallbrown -- Special review: Evaluation of the exploratory factor analysis programs provided in SPSSX and SPSS/PC+ / Gregory J. Boyle
The second issue of the Journal of Multivariate Experimental Personality and Clinical Psychology edited by Charles Burdsal. Managing editor: Jeanne Burdsal. Consulting editors: Richard Alumbaugh, A.R. Baggaley, J.W. Bardo, Keith Barton, Brian Bolton, Gregory J. Boyle, Jeffery B. Brookings, Dennis Child, Richard Coan, Jacob Cohen, T.E. Dielman, R.M. Dreger, Norman S. Endler, I.M. Evans, R.L. Gorsuch, Richard Harris, Joseph B. Hughey, M.J. Klingsporn, James Laughlin, Jersey Liang, Gregory J. Meissen, W.L. Morrison, K.W. Schaie, L.R. Schmidt, Robert A. Steer, M.M. Tatsuoka
Digitized and published in SOAR:Shocker Open Access Repository by Wichita State University Libraries Technical Services.