The scientific and clinical rationale for the integrated approach to open and closed kinetic chain rehabilitation

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Manske, Robert C.
Davies, George J.
Heiderscheit, Bryan C.
Schulte, Robert
Neitzel, Jennifer

Davies, GJ, Heiderscheidt, BC, Schulte, R, Manske, R, Neitzel, J. The Scientific and Clinical Rationale for the integrated Approach to Open and Closed Kinetic Chain Rehabilitation. Orthopaedic Physical Therapy Clinics of North America, 9:247-267, 2000.


This article has reviewed the literature regarding the use of OKC and CKC rehabilitation protocols for individuals having knee injuries with particular emphasis on CKC exercises. Advantages and disadvantages of both methods have been defined. In addition, rationale for the integration of the two rehabilitation techniques was provided. A program that uses both OKC and CKC exercises is functionally directed, while recognizing and correcting isolated deficits.

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