Origin stories podcast: Stories about us

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Dumouchel, Laurence

Dumouchel, L. (2021). Origin stories podcast: Stories about us. American Journal of Physical Anthropology, doi:10.1002/ajpa.24459


In a time where everyone from your old college roommate to every celebrity under the sun starts their own podcast, the last thing we need is yet another one. Despite all of this, Origin Stories manages to stand out. This podcast is produced by the Leakey Foundation, a nonprofit organization supporting education and scientific research on human evolution. Origin Stories was created in 2015 and produces about one episode a month, boasting a catalog of over 50 episodes at the time of this article. The series is narrated by the soothing voice of producer and host Meredith Johnson. Johnson also works as Leakey Foundation's communications director and was previously employed as their outreach coordinator. [review Author]

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