Confirmation of the factor pattern of a battery of intelligence and achievement indicators for a child clinical population

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Dreger, Ralph Mason

Dreger, R. M. (1997). Confirmation of the Factor Pattern of a Battery of Intelligence and Achievement Indicators for a Child Clinical Population. Multivariate Experimental Clinical Research, 11(3), 121-130.


An exploratory factor analysis of the data for 50 clinical children, from a pool of 210, on a battery of tests required of clients in a private practice clinic, including four intelligence indicators, three formal indicators of achievement, and Factor II from the Children's Behavioral Classification Project Inventory, revealed a factor pattern loading intelligence indicators on one factor and achievement indicators on another. This result was confirmed in an independent sample of 46 children by confirmatory factor analysis. As assessed by chi-square and specific indices of the EQS program, the empirically-derived covariance matrix and hypothesized covariance matrix were found to be essentially congruent. In addition, traditional matrix comparison coefficients supported the relative equality of the two factor matrices.

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