The Sunflower, v.75, no.20 (November 10, 1970)

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Article(s): Pollution control agency created / Steve Koski -- Not a trap or a hoax: Center designed to help youths / Nan Porter -- Kent president calls jury report inaccurate --Schools likely violent targets -- Survey shows overall increase in enrollment -- NTSB tells cause of crash -- HEW imposes sanctions -- Letters to the editor -- Views from Hill's side / Richard Hill -- Issues to Viet war still undecided -- Mikrokosmos shows war, peace, ecology -- Tribute paid to Fahrbach -- Shocks lose 21-12: Thissen scores first Shocker touchdown / David Jimenez -- Wichita State second: Drake wins cross country title / David Jimenez
Photograph(s): Vaul Garetson, a freshman at Tulsa University and a member of Kappa Sigma fraternity, sits on a flag pole during a drive to raise money for the Wichita State Memorial Fund. More than $2,000 was raised through the drive. p. 1 -- Counseling: Staff psychologist, Mrs. Colleta McNamara, talks to a youth at "The Bridge," Wichita's newest counseling center. / Photo by David Henry. p. 1 -- Nat Simmons Is pictured presenting an oral interpretation, one of his many styles of dramatic excerpts exploring the Black experience. Simmons was featured Saturday in Wilner Auditorium. / Photo by David Henry. p. 3 -- Freshman, Wayne Haynes (35)6'1", 185-pounder, fights for yardage against Tulsa. Kelly Bryson, 6'5", 2019-pound senior makes the tackle with Rick Russell )83) 6'3", 230-pound defensive end ready to land the crushing blow. p. 6 -- Experience vs. youth: Tom Owen, (9) a 190-pound freshman for Wichita State, attempts a pass. Chuck Cummins, 6'4”, 236-pound senior puts the rush on Owen. p. 6 -- Marc Funk (96) of Tulsa appears to be giving Shocker wingback Wayne Haynes (35) a karate chop in the game against the Golden Hurricane last Saturday. p. 7 -- Drew Pearson, (3) 185-pound sophomore, picks up yardage against Wichita State, Pearson carried the ball six times for 11 yards. Greg Brand, (87), 190-pound freshman, grabs Pearson's ankle while Charlie Stoner, (13), 178-pound sophomore, moves in for the tackle. p. 7 -- 1970 Shockers: This year’s cross country is shown during one of their practice sessions. From left to right are: Brad Pearce, Steve Lee, Alan Walker, Carl Nicholson, Keith Pharr. In the rear are Leon Brown and Jeff Brown. p. 8 -- Herm Wilson. p. 8
The Sunflower: Our 75th year of editorial freedom, v.75 no.20. Wichita, Kansas, November 10, 1970. - 8 pages
Wichita State University
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