The Sunflower, v.48, no.19 (February 18, 1943)

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The Sunflower: Official student newspaper, v.48, no.19, Wichita, Kansas, February 18, 1943. - 4 pages

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Article(s): Many changes are underway on W.U. campus -- Babb accepts new position with Neff -- Washington proves to be real 'Superman' of early America -- Contest ballots will be available -- 'Private Lives' to be presented -- First group of Air Corps men expected soon -- Sale of stamps, bonds increases -- I.S.A. to name best freshmen -- Bond Queen will be selected on campus to represent W.U. -- W.U. is new training center -- Cadet corporals are announced -- Fine Arts students to present recital -- Debate team is back from Denver -- War brings worries to girls -- The known soldier -- Shocker shots / Olberding -- Grads meet in California -- Typed on a Wednesday / Dick Gavitt -- University bulletins -- Collegiate digest -- Shocker squad to play Ichabods -- Women's sports -- Gamma A team leads basketball -- Shockers defeat Quakers, 74-22 -- Epsilon kappa Rho to entertain at 'priority' dance -- Roundabout the campus / Graham's Slams -- Fulton to speak at Y.W.C.A. luncheon -- HYM's 'hit parade' features 12 men -- Journalism group initiates pledges
Photograph(s): [Dick] Gavitt. p. 2