The pathology and medicolegal aspects of sexual activity

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Eckert, William G.
Katchis, Steve
Donovan, William

The American journal of forensic medicine and pathology. 1991 Mar; 12(1): 3-15.


The pathology of injury and its complications related to sexual activities has changed remarkably when compared with that of the past, which usually involved assaults or murders of female victims of varying ages, with moderate to serve beatings that may have accidentally resulted in the victim's death. Serial murderers, serial rapists, and molesters of both boys and girls have become much more prevalent in the last two decades in the United States. Unorthodox sexual behavior, such as "fisting," has increased in frequency, as has sexual violence related to cults, such as satanism. All of these present many challenges to medicolegal investigators. This report describes general and specific pathological sexual activities and injuries, some characteristics and methods of the perpetrators, and some specific cases as examples.

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