Trajectory prediction using coupled cfd-rbd with dynamic meshing

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Sathyanarayana, Nidhi D.
Hoffmann, Klaus A.

Sathyanarayana, Nidhi D.; Hoffmann, Klaus A. 2019. Trajectory prediction using coupled cfd-rbd with dynamic meshing. AIAA 2019-2304 Session: Applied Computational Aerodynamics: Methods and Results VI


Debris released post bird impact can cause secondary damage to downwind airplane surfaces. The debris is simplified in geometry and represented as a flat plate. A coupled CFD-RBD solver with dynamic meshing is used for numerical analysis of the flat plate trajectory in a uniform flow field. The computed trajectory of the rectangular flat plate is validated against available experimental data. Further, numerical analysis of plates with varying densities as well as multiple plate trajectories is conducted and the results are documented.

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