Computer program, system, and method for observation and communication for mobile settings, mobile applications, and wearable mobile devices

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He, Jibo
Chaparro, Barbara S.

He, Jibo; Chaparro, Barbara S., inventors. Wichita State University, assignees. Computer Program, System, and Method for Observation and Communication for Mobile Settings, Mobile Applications, and Wearable Mobile Devices. United States patent US 20170251148 A1. 2017, August 31.


A system including at least first and second wearable mobile devices and optionally one or more smartphones or other computing devices for allowing a wearable mobile device wearer, an on-site observer, and a remote observer to research and test usability of products in mobile settings, mobile applications, mobile devices, and wearable mobile devices, desktop usability settings, and other settings and devices. The devices nm a software application for generating first-person video and third-person video, transmitting the video to the other devices, marking the videos with time stamps, and allowing the remote observer to send messages and other information to the other devices.

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WSU inventors: Jibo He, Dept. of Psychology, College of Liberal Arts and Sciences, Barbara S. Chaparro, Dept. of Psychology, College of Liberal Arts and Sciences
Application No: 15/521692 filed October 27, 2015. Patent No: US 20170251148 A1 granted August 31, 2017.