Parnassus 1944

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Municipal University of Wichita
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University of Wichita. Parnassus 1944. Wichita, Kan: Wichita State University, 2017

"War changed the University of Wichita campus. The predominance of women students, the Air Corps training station, and the addition of wartime courses are only a few changes for 1943-44. Even the Parnassus has been changed. For the first time since the first volume appeared in 1904, a new form has been devised.' This fortieth volume will be published in quarterly sections, two of which will appear each semester. Each issue will contain one season's activities, thus making it more timely. Each section will be punched to accommodate a permanent binder so that the four sections can be bound and kept as a single volume. -- Editorial

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v.40 no.1 (November 1943). BUILDING SECTION. .The Administration Building, Science Hall, University Library, and the Auditorium -- UNIVERSITY ADMINISTRATION. President Jardine and the Deans -- THE ARMY SECTION. National Officers, Local Officers, Doings of the Boys, and the "Pin-Up Girl" -- FRESHMAN HONORS. Freshman Class Officers, the Freshman Mixer -- WARTIME TRANSPORTATION. How to get there and back on that three gallons of Gasoline -- ADVERTISING SECTION. Do Your Christmas Shopping Early- and support those people who support Parnassus
v.40 no.2 (February 1944). BUILDING SECTION. Overlooking the Campus -- SOCIAL ORGANIZATIONS. Campus sororities, new fraternity, and the Independent Students Association -- FRESHMAN CLASS. Individual pictures of lower classmen -- ADVERTISING SECTION. Wichita business organizations which support the city's municipal University
v.40 no.3 (April 1944). PARNASSUS QUEEN. Reigning over festivities -- ACADEMIC ORGANIZATIONS. Departmental clubs and social activities -- MIDDLE CLASSES. Students from sophomore and junior classes -- ADVERTISING SECTION. Our local boosters
v.40 no.4 (May 1944). HONOR FOUR. Senior Women's Honor Group -- SENIOR CLASS. Graduating Class of 1944 -- QUEENS. Regal rites in spring activities -- STAFFS OF PUBLICATIONS. Sunflower and Parnassus -- SNAPSHOTS. Scenes on and off the campus -- ADVERTISING SECTION. Wichita well-wishers
Quarterly student publication of the University of Wichita, Wichita, KS. Published by authority of the Board of Student Publications
Editorial staff: Phyllis Merry, editor-in-chief; Marjorie Johnson, business manager; Marjorie Ryan, photographer
University of Wichita
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Parnassus Yearbook; v.40, issues 1-4 (1943/1944)
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