1976-10-25 University Senate meeting

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University Senate. Agenda and Minutes of the Meeting, October 25, 1976. -- University Senate Meetings, 1976-1977, v.13
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Agenda: Meeting called to order -- Informal proposals and statements -- Approval of the minutes -- Orders of the day -- Unfinished business -- Committee reports -- New business -- Adjournment
Document: Proposal to establish an associate of arts option -- Generalist curriculum -- General education -- Area of concentration -- General electives -- Advisement
Appendix: Proposed guidelines for a generalized associate of arts degree -- Objectives -- Basic requirements -- Attachment to senate agenda -- Option I -- Associate of arts general requirements -- Option II -- Associate of arts social sciences general requirements -- Option III -- Associate of arts natural sciences and mathematics general requirements
Document: Proposed dance major section I -- History and background information -- Section II narrative -- Summary of proposals salient features -- Background and need -- Program description -- Program advantages -- Overall evaluation -- Current status of dance training -- Course offerings faculty and departments -- Rationale and objectives of the dance major -- Justification of needs -- Program potential -- Anticipated first enrollment -- Comparable programs at other state schools -- Available resources -- Personnel -- Courses -- Proposed new courses and changes in courses offered at the present time -- Physical plant -- Library resources -- Additional resources -- Addendum -- Dance major requirements -- Teaching option -- Attachment agenda -- Academic and professional vita -- Education -- Professional training -- Professional experience teaching and academic positions -- Research -- Professional experience performance -- Choreography -- Professional honors -- Professional organizations -- Community service -- Dance vita -- Kansas dance council, Inc accomplishments
Minutes: Call to order -- Informal statements -- Approval of minutes -- Unfinished business -- Welfare committee report on sick leave policy -- Motion on section vote -- New business -- Motion to end nominations -- Motion to adopt proposal -- Motion to amend -- Motion to add section on advising -- Friendly amendment to proposed amendment -- Amendment accepted -- Vote on document -- Proposal to establish a dance major -- Motion to correct proposal
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Wichita State University, University Senate Archives
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