Non-invasive biofeedback system

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He, Jibo
Patterson, Jeremy A.

He, J., Patterson, J.A., inventors; Wichita State University, assignees. Non-invasive biofeedback system. United States patent US 20190336066 A1. 2019, November 7.


A method, system, and computer program for non-invasively monitoring a physiological parameter and providing biofeedback. The method, system, and computer program provide for the non-invasive detection of a physiological parameter by detecting changes in color channel values of a user in a live video feed and presenting biofeedback to the user indicating the relative position of the physiological parameter to an optimal range.

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WSU inventors: Jibo He, Dept. of Psychology, College of Liberal Arts and Sciences, Jeremy Patterson, College of Innovation and Design
Application No: 16/511712 filed July 15, 2019. Patent No: US 20190336066 A1 granted November 7, 2019.