The Sunflower, v.70, no.48 (February 23, 1966)

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College newspapers and periodicals , Wichita (Kan.) -- Newspapers , Student publications , Student publications , Wichita State University -- History , Ginsberg, Allen, 1926-1997 , Sarachek, Alvin
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The Sunflower: Official student newspaper, v.70 no.48. Wichita, Kansas, February 23, 1966. - 8 pages
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Article(s): Instructor claims free speech violated in warning to poet -- Play director reveals problems with 'Nude' -- Aero professor gets NASA grant -- Egghead Week's theme many splendored vista -- Bell bottom pants predicted for men -- Penn prof to speak in Wilner Tuesday -- Shocker Spurs supply mail, goods to visit -- Political science club speaker to Israel consul general -- Film society's culture films catch on, draw capacity crowds -- GOP's to sponsor drive -- Tongue in chic: Light qualities important when considering make-up / Joy-Lyn Updike -- The dust settles -- Teacher probes apathy issues; Discovers deeper social ailments -- A poet's pilgrimage / written by Don Garrity, photographed by Jim Johnson -- Judi Dimke chosen Wichita State's best dressed coed / Judy Fairhurst -- Debate squad takes second -- Wichita keeps hopes alive -- Basketball intramural season almost over; Director announces spring event schedule
Photograph(s): Distraught professor ponders suppression. p. 1 -- Art: In line with Egghead week on the campus, a display of art was exhibited in Wilner Auditorium lounge. The display was viewed by the intermission audience of the Community Theater production. p. 1 -- Uncaptioned photograph of Harold K. Schilling. p. 2 -- Uncaptioned photograph of Allen Ginsberg smoking a cigarette, left hand resting on an open book, and unnamed person in the background looking on. p. 5 -- Uncaptioned photograph of lecture attendees. p. 5 -- Uncaptioned photograph of Allen Ginsberg. p. 5 -- Glamour winner: l. to r. Phyllis Hollander, first runner-up; Judy Dimke, the WSU Best Dressed Coed; and Lynn Henrie, second runner-up. The three girls model one of three different outfits modeled in the contest. p. 7 -- Scramble: WSU and Cincinnati players go for the bell in Thursday night's game at the Field House. The Shocks won both ball and game. p. 8
Wichita State University
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The Sunflower
v.70 no.48
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