2006-2007 McNair Scholars Programs: Journal of research reports

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Office of Special Programs

Office of Special Programs, McNair Scholars Program: Journal of research reports, 2006-2007, v. 12, 61 pages.

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Haptic touch and visual sensation in a three dimensional world / Christina Bower -- Cultural and social factors influencing school involvement of African American parents / Elizabeth Jackson -- Negative peer interactions and the effects on sustained attention / Meladee L. Garst -- Molecular detection of ammonia-oxidizing microorganisms in salt plains soils / Seth Perkins -- Health practices of African American emerging adults regarding drug use and sexual behaviors / Sarah Rogers -- Is treatment a viable alternative for women in the criminal justice system / Janet Milow -- Predicting, locating and analyzing late prehistoric settlement configurations in the Lower Nueces River Valley, South Texas / Jerry Elmore -- A primatological conundrum: Where do we go from here? / Jan Mead-Moehring -- Evaluating the treatment of deaf inmates and their due process involving the 8th Amendment, the 14th Amendment, and compliance with Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 / Kimberly Grimes -- Examining website accessibility among the disabled population / Mikki Phan -- Assessing the behaviors, attitudes and perceptions of men who have sex with men regarding HIV/AIDS / Philip J. Pettis -- Investigation of sexual dimorphism in the human sternum for use in forensic anthropology / Temperance Acquistapace -- Singing taught using a computer program that displays pitch of tone and vowels through shapes and colors / Tayoni Scott