Media framing of mental health in Latinxs in the United States: A content analysis from conservative and liberal perspectives

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Blasetti, Brenda
Herzog, Jodie

This study delves into the portrayal of mental health issues in the media within the Latinx community in the United States, with a distinctive focus on the influence of conservative and liberal perspectives. The significance of this research lies in unraveling the complexities of media narratives and their impact on shaping perceptions of mental health in a community that is often underrepresented in scholarly discussions. By exploring the interplay of ideologies in framing this critical topic, the study aims to contribute important insights into the role of media in influencing public understanding of mental health within the Latinx community. The selection criteria were based on the categorization provided by, which identifies sources as either right or left-leaning. The analysis was conducted through two coding phases: an initial "Exploratory Coding" phase, followed by a "Pattern Coding" phase. These methodologies facilitated the identification and grouping of overarching themes and explanations, shedding light on the differing interpretations, solutions, and interventions proposed by conservative and liberal perspectives on mental health. The preliminary findings reveal that both conservative and liberal perspectives acknowledge structural, cultural, and environmental barriers to mental health, sharing a common approach in utilizing evidence. However, disparities emerge in the interpretation of symptoms and causes, as well as in proposed solutions. This research suggests that media plays a crucial role in shaping public perceptions of mental health within the Latinx community, and by extension, influences societal attitudes and behaviors.

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Poster project completed at the Wichita State University Department of Sociology. Presented at the 21st Annual Capitol Graduate Research Summit, Topeka, KS, March 21, 2024.