1922 Fairmount College Twenty-fourth Annual Commencement

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Fairmount College Commencement Program
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The twenty-fourth commencement program included invocation part featuring by Walter Scott Priest, commencement address by Honorable Victor Murdock; music performances by Miss Mabel Capron, Miss Beulah Dudley, Mr. Meyers, and Mr. John Payne. Conferring of degrees and announcements followed.
The following degrees were conferred: Honorary Degrees: Rev. Walter Scott Priest, D.Div.; Rev. Luman H. Royce, D.Div; Candidates for Degree: Donice Beth Brees, B.A.; Georgiana Davis, B.A.; Ida Viola Hoge, B.A.; Phyllis H. Rollins, B.A.; Ellice Seelye, B.A.; Georgia Florence Stipp, B.A.; Lucretia Mae Switser, B.A.; Charles B. Weimer, B.A.; Teddy W. Anderson, B.A.; Allen C. Bonjour, B.A.; Ernestine Guthrie Bourgette, B.A.; Harris M. Butler, B.A.; Irene Frances Brown, B.A.; Katherine B. Bailey, B.A.; Ruth Maurine Coe, B.A.; Oliver L. Corbin, Jr., B.A.; Rose Cosby, B.A.; Wilma Dorth, B.A.; J. Irvine Griffith, B.A.; Biona Hull, B.A.; Eunice C. Jones, B.A.; Zolan La Vonne Kidwell, B.A.; Ruth Fern Markham, B.A.; Woody R. Moore, B.A.; George E. McMahon, B.A.; William Douglas Stoebuck, B.A.; Katherine Louise Van Keuren, B.A.; Lester Wilkinson, B.A.; College Conservatory: John N. Payne, B.Mus.; Beulah M. Dudley, Diplomas; Edna Winningham, Diploma; Dorothy Bailey, Diploma; Lillian Bourman, Diploma; Margaret Nation, Diploma; Jewel Totton, Diploma; Marion Thompson, Diploma; Helen Orth, Certificate; Gladys May, Certificate; Mildred Hargis, Certificate; Pearl McReynolds, Certificate; Margaret McIntire, Certificate; Estelle Leichhardt, Certificate; Hazel Walcher, Certificate; Mary Tipler, Certificate; Mrs. Howard Landsowne, Certificate; Beatrice Colvin, Certificate; Dorothy Power, Certificate; Louise Macauley, Certificate; Lucretia Mae Switzer, Certificate; Aileen Thompson, Certificate; Marline Lander, Certificate; Alberta Pantle, Certificate; Alma Walter, Certificate; Mrs. Harry B. Brown, Certificate; Edythe Harrop, Certificate; Lillian Bourman, Certificate; Leona Davidson, Certificate; Mrs. Edward Beaman, Certificate; Alice Buckner, Certificate; Alma Walter, Certificate; Pearl McReynolds, Certificate
Fairmount College. Twenty-fourth Annual Commencement. Wichita, Kansas, May 31, 1922. 4 pages
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