Inverse problems for partial differential equations

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Isakov, Victor

Isakov, Victor. Inverse problems for partial differential equations. 3rd edition. Springer, 2017.


This third edition expands upon the earlier edition by adding nearly 40 pages of new material reflecting the analytical and numerical progress in inverse problems in last 10 years. As in the second edition, the emphasis is on new ideas and methods rather than technical improvements. These new ideas include use of the stationary phase method in the two-dimensional elliptic problems and of multi frequencies\temporal data to improve stability and numerical resolution. There are also numerous corrections and improvements of the exposition throughout.

This book is intended for mathematicians working with partial differential equations and their applications, physicists, geophysicists, and financial, electrical, and mechanical engineers involved with nondestructive evaluation, seismic exploration, remote sensing, and various kinds of tomography.

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