The Sunflower, v.39, no.21 (February 21, 1934)

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The Sunflower: Official student newspaper, v.39, no.21, Wichita, Kansas, February 21, 1934. - 6 pages
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Article(s): Local school prepared to re-enter N.C. -- Walter Durkensen gives talk before music club -- Pictures for Parnassus to start Monday -- Hansen students to give recital -- Debate teams to enter K.C. meet Friday -- W.U. graduate peace chairman -- Jardine talks at Pittsburg schol [sic] -- Architectural book is presented to library -- Noted author says writing must be germ -- Freshmen make Lee president -- Zoology department starts new projects -- Girls' 1934 rifle team is selected -- Begin work on new English vocabulary -- Freshmen girl wins coveted 4-H trophy -- Peace seekers avoid 'shirts' states Harmon -- Quota of CWA students now attending classes: Begin work about campus -- Attendance in R.O.T.C. gains -- Educators join Soviet school -- Clyde Grimes scores high in medics test -- Little America Aviation and Exploration Club With Byrd at the South Pole / C. A. Abele, Jr. -- Fear abolition of Northwestern -- Students take part in three productions -- Chinese student unlike American college product -- Campus kaleidoscope -- Professor calls housewife 'Jack of All Trades' -- K.U. sorority is placed under semi-quarantine -- Students from Kansas City U. enter protests -- Campusology -- Read salvaged mathematics text books published in 1740 -- The past week / Bob Clark -- New plays: Mary of Scotland / Maxwell Anderson -- Danish officer to search for treasure ship -- University bulletin -- Woman as strong physically and intellectually as man -- Washington ball given in honor of military men -- Press prom will be sponsored ny Matrix, Colophon -- Roundabout -- Fraternities and sororities fete pledges previous to the invitation services at their respective houses -- Websters have musical programs -- Y.W. to entertain new members at tea -- Girls' rifle team named at dinner meeting of W.A.A. -- Kappa Delta has Valentine party -- Alpha Tau members have slumber party -- Fraternities -- Sororities -- Mothers' Club gives courtesy for fraternity -- Faculty women will entertain at tea Thursday -- Wichita League will sponsor Kansas poetess -- Mary Helen Uncapher and Howard Elwell wed Saturday -- Omega Upsilon to have social -- Pickler-Brown engagement is told at tea -- Fraternity gives Valentine dance -- Modern girl chooses all-service dress for summer -- Wary Shocker co-eds keep eyes on new spring styles -- Rustic costumes and decorations prevail at dance -- Dean Wilkie has unique industry map -- Hornets lead as cage race nears finish -- Pi Alphs beat Alpha Gam team -- Women's sports / Pat Gelbach -- Kiowa educators win over W.U. -- Pi Alphs off to win again -- Prittchett again attacks football -- New rule to affect high school teams -- Emporia center remains leader of Central conf. -- Gebert approves 1934 grid rules -- Men's sports / Loy Wood
Photograph(s): Women's rifle team: The University Women's Rifle Team which was selected yesterday includes Miss Ruth Sharp, Miss Helen Hillyard, Miss Jean Haire, Miss Florence Moss, and Miss Ila Banta. / photo courtesy Wichita Eagle. p. 1 -- Capt. Robert A. J. English, of the Bear. p. 2 -- President: Miss Helen Wittman, president of the Women's Athletic Association which is sponsoring the Women's Rifle Team. / photo courtesy Wichita Eagle. p. 4 -- Sororsis pledge: Miss Sally Searle, sophomore, has been recently pledged to Sorosis Society. / photo courtesy Wichita Beacon. p. 4 -- Miss Helen Hillyard. p. 4 -- Wed Sunday: Miss Mary Helen Uncapher, former University student was married last Sunday afternoon to Mr. Howard Elwell of this city. / photo courtesy Wichita Beacon. p. 5 -- Engagement announced: The announcement of the engagement of Miss Pauline Brown to Mr. Harold Pickler, University of Wichita graduate, was made last Wednesday at a Valentine tea at the home of Miss Brown's sister, Mrs. George Little, 3707 East third. / photo courtesy Wichita Beacon. p. 5 -- Uncaptioned photo of University of Wichita basketball team. / photo courtesy Wichita Eagle. p. 6
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The Sunflower
v.39 no.21
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