Conversion of natural gas into clean liquid fuels

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Gu, Shuang
Houtaham, Farshad

Gu, S., Houtaham, F., inventors; Wichita State University (Wichita, KS), assignees. Conversion of natural gas into clean liquid fuels. United States patent US 20180111888 A1. 2018, April 26.


Provided herein are methods and systems for converting natural gas, and specifically methane, into higher-value oxycarbon products, such as methanol, methyl formate, and formic acid. The natural gas is introduced into an aqueous solution with hydroxyl radicals and reacted in ambient conditions to form the desired products in the presence of a metal catalyst. The methods described herein overcome the "over-activation" dilemma of prior art methods that lead to the formation of undesirable carbon oxide compounds. Methods and apparatus for forming hydrogen peroxide via electrolysis and for forming hydroxyl radicals from the hydrogen peroxide via reaction with ferrous ions are also provided.

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WSU inventors: Shuang Gu, Farshad Houtaham, Mechanical Engineering, College of Engineering
Application No: 15/789743 filed October 20, 2017. Patent No: US 20180111888 A1 granted April 26, 2018.