The Sunflower, v.69, no.24 (December 15, 1964)

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The Sunflower: Official student newspaper, v.69 no.24. Wichita, Kansas, December 15, 1964. - 6 pages

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Article(s): Closing date for applications scheduled for this Friday -- Karras receives approval as Shocker football head / Rick Lane -- SGA meet: To discuss extra finds -- Secret student group active here -- Communist brutality relived in International Club meeting / Cliff Tarpy --Editorial views : Let's get together -- Inside SGA: Some notes on allocations, filing / Bill Rapps -- Hazing on WSU campus? / Mike Hall -- Shocker shenanigans / Lorry Brosius -- 'Artificial Society' invades campus via business course / Carolyn Patton -- Modern day students forced into college / Mike Snyder -- 360 students to visit in Europe -- Shockers oppose BYU twice gather two easy cage wins / Rick Lane -- Drake, MVC waiting for Thompson, Shocks / Mike Hall -- WSU Pit Theatre to present Speech 259 final projects / Jerry Battey
Photograph(s): University Singers rehearse under the watchful eye of Robert S. Hines, director of choruses. p. 1 -- Kelly Pete, Shocker guard, goes in all alone to add two into a winning score against Brigham Young. p. 5 -- Poignant moments in Robert Anderson's "Tea and Sympathy" is approached by theatre majors Cheryl Eastburn and Jerry Battey. p. 6
"See'Artificial Society' on Page 3"