Criminal justice and community psychology: Our values and our work—The introduction to the special issue

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Shaw, Jessica
Rade, Candalyn B.
Fisher, Benjamin W.
Freund, Nicole M.
Tompsett, Carolyn J.

Shaw, J., Rade, C. B., Fisher, B. W., Freund, N., & Tompsett, C. J. (2021). Criminal justice and community psychology: Our values and our Work—The introduction to the special issue. American Journal of Community Psychology, 67(1-2), 3-6. doi:10.1002/ajcp.12508


This special issue of The American Journal of Community Psychology originated from the Society for Community Research and Action Criminal Justice interest group, with a goal of exploring the work of community psychologists intersecting with criminal justice research, practice, and policy and shaped by our shared values—equity, collaboration, creative maladjustment, social justice, and social science in the service of social justice. In this introduction, we discuss the socio‐historical context of the special issue, followed by an outline of the special issue organization, and brief summary of the included papers. Across 13 papers and an invited commentary, we see the ways in which community psychologists are: (1) delivering and evaluating services, programming, or other supports to address the needs of system‐involved people; and (2) working to improve the systems, structures, and interactions with units of criminal justice systems. Across these two sections, authors highlight the guiding role of our values to influence change within and outside of criminal‐legal systems.

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