Correlation between Borg scale (6-20) with a new water cycling scale (Brasil scale)

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Brasil, Roxana M.
Pinto, Stephanie S.
Calatayud, Joaquin
Colado, Juan C.
Benavent, Juan
Rogers, Michael E.
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Brasil, Roxana M.; Pinto, Stephanie S.; Calatayud, Joaquin; Colado, Juan C.; Benavent, Juan; Rogers, Michael E. 2014. Correlation between Borg scale (6-20) with a new water cycling scale (Brasil scale). Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercise, vol. 46:no. 5:pp 942-942:Supplement: 1 Meeting Abstract: 3509

There is still a need to find valid methods of monitoring training intensity during aquatic exercises training and in particular in water cycling.PURPOSE: To examine the construct validity of the new water cycling scale (Brasil Scale).METHODS: 30 physically active and healthy young men took part in 2 separate data collection sessions. Standardized verbal instruction regarding the RPE Borg (6-20) Scale and Brasil Scale was provided to the participants and measurements were performed by the same researchers. The subjects performed the water cycling maximal protocol at all effort levels progressively to familiarize them with the minimal effort and graduation until the maximal effort. The protocol started at a rate of 100 beats per minute (b.min-1) for 3 min with subsequent increments of 15 b.min-1 every two minutes until exhaustion. Immediately following the end of each stage the overall body RPE was collected. The scales were visible to the subjects throughout the test session. Brasil Scale has mode-specific pictorial descriptors distributed and numbers (0-10). Construct validity was established by correlating the RPE from the Borg (6-20) scale with Brasil Scale using. Spearman’s rank correlation coefficient was used to check the level of relationship between Borg 6-20 RPE and Brasil scale during all effort of the water cycling maximal protocol. An alpha level of 0.05 was used for all statistical tests which were performed using SPSS software (version 15.0).RESULTS: The validity coefficient of the correlation was r=0.96.CONCLUSIONS: Borg 6-20 RPE and Brasil scales are highly related. Thus, the new Brasil scale may be used during water cycling exercises. This kind of scale may facilitate its use during daily application water cycle training.

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Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercise;v.46:no.5
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