Wichita State University’s implementation of dynamic mapping in WebVoyage

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Deyoe, Nancy
Deng, Sai
Mallory, Erik

Deyoe, N., Deng, S. & Malloy, E. (2007). Dynamic mapping in the library. SCVUGM (South Central Voyager User Group Meeting). Stillwater, OK. Oct. 19, 2007.


In this session, presenters from Wichita State University will discuss their implementation of dynamic library location maps in WebVoyage. This feature provides customized map displays in the online public access catalog. After selecting a search result, patrons are given the option to view a dynamic (or interactive) map that displays directional information including the library branch, floor on which the resource may be found, what direction to turn after exiting the elevator, department location, and general location of the shelving range. Maps are suitable for printing, and even provide a linking option for electronic resources. The presenters discuss how the dynamic mapping project evolved, the programming logic developed by Hongfe Li, Sai Deng's map creation, how to transfer data from the WebVoyage display to the processing program, how to combine data with the Voyager tables, and implementation instructions. WSU's dynamic mapping feature was first introduced to the Voyager community at the 2007 EndUser conference. We will review developments since the conference and discuss future enhancements.

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Presented at the SCVUGM (South Central Voyager User Group Meeting) 2007. Stillwater, OK. The presentation is also archived at the conference website at http://www.osu-tulsa.okstate.edu/library/pdf/SCVUGM%202007%20Conference%20Presentation%20Documents/