Virtual reality: its usefulness for ergonomic analysis

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Whitman, Lawrence E.
Jorgensen, Michael J.
Hathiyari, Kuresh
Malzahn, Don E.

Whitman, Lawrence E.; Jorgensen, Michael; Hathiyari, Kuresh; Malzahn, Don. 2004. Virtual reality: its usefulness for ergonomic analysis. Simulation Conference, 2004. Proceedings of the 2004 Winter, v.2 pp.1740-1745


This paper presents the results of an effort to compare results of an experiment performed in both a virtual and a real environment. The research question addressed is if virtual reality is a suitable tool for performing ergonomic analysis. The subjects performed a palletizing task in the virtual environment and then performed the same task in the real environment. The results showed that VR can be compared to a similar experimental task in the real environment if it involves measuring only range of movements and no velocities or accelerations. This paper presents these results using a lumbar motion monitor and proposes areas for future improvement and research.

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